Top 12 Things to Tell My Daughter Before Age 18


  1. It’s OK to be smart. Let me rephrase that…It’s GREAT to be smart! Don’t be afraid that you’re not “cool” because you wear glasses, like science and math, or can recite Shakespeare from memory. Smart will get you much farther in life than any amount of makeup, designer clothes, or a fancy car can ever do on its own.

  2. Value your true friends. Someone who only wants to be with you so they can get something in return (gifts, job opportunities, etc.) is NOT your friend. It’s a hard thing to learn, but once you do, it will be much easier to be selective about whom you choose to befriend.
  3. Embrace your geekiness and love of so called “boy activities”. Declare your love for Doctor Who, build another Lego city, speak Klingon, have your own Lord of The Rings movie marathon, cheer on your favorite team LOUDLY. Whatever you love, don’t be afraid to embrace it and share your passion with others.
  4. Be kind and unassuming. Even the best of us can have a bad day (or ten) once in a while so smile, be polite, and offer a compliment and a helping hand when you can.
  5.  You can NEVER read too much! Whether you love the classics, children’s literature, fantasy, or just magazines; every time you read you make new connections, expand your imagination, or learn something new. Reading is wonderful!
  6. While mommy does occasionally wear makeup, please know that you don’t need a single cosmetic or cream to be beautiful. Love yourself  (even the annoying stress induced zits and pesky wrinkles!)
  7. Always present yourself the way you want others to view you.  Be true to yourself and put your best face forward in everything you do with everyone you meet.
  8. Your self worth is more important than anyone’s opinion of your looks, weight, career, religion, interests, etc. If someone can’t accept you, faults and all, it’s time to work out the issue or move on…And if your boyfriend/girlfriend hurts you intentionally (whether physically, emotionally, or psychologically), find a way to leave him/her ASAP. No one, NO ONE, deserves to be ever treated in that way.
  9. Work hard, play hard, and love fully.

  10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life it too short to beat yourself up over all the little things that don’t matter. Laugh when you’re clumsy and trip over your own feet, brush yourself off when you fall and get right back up again. You are human, therefore you WILL make mistakes, LOTS of them!
  11. Embrace new experiences as often as possible. Travel, try a new food, go to concerts, take a class. Get out there and mix things up a bit. You won’t regret it.
  12.  Always remember that your dad and I love you no matter what. The love a parent has for his/her child is unconditional.

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