Wean Green, SO Much More Than Just A Baby Food Storage Container

Wean Green Tower of Storage Awesomeness!

How I Discovered Wean Green:
It was just another typical day in the life of a former full-time gainfully employed mom turned stay-at-home-mom.  I had just resigned from my paid gig and was resting after attempting to communicate with my new 18 month old “boss”.  When the boss “speaks” in a variety of somewhat coherent words and phrases and a lot of pointing and gesturing it can sometimes be a bit challenging to be on the same page with her…

As is common with families whom choose to have one parent stay at home with the kid(s), our cash flow had dropped from two incomes to one so I figured it might be worthwhile to find ways to save money via submissions to the many blogger hosted giveaways that frequently make an appearance on the Facebook walls of many of my fellow mom friends.  As my daughter peacefully napped through the afternoon, a Newsfeed post detailing a Weelicious giveaway of a collection of Wean Green containers suddenly appeared.  Knowing I had precious little time to submit my entry without interruption, I decided to submit my entry.  Much to my surprise, I was announced as one of the winners of the contest! As promised,  a box was delivered to my doorstep with my prize just a few days later.  Upon opening the package and using the containers I was so impressed that I decided I had to share my excitement for this great company with others!

The following is a review of Wean Green’s products along with a collection of my thoughts and ideas on less conventional ways to use them.  Please note that I am not affiliated with Wean Green nor am I being paid for this review.

The Product:
Wean Green’s air tight BPA free glass containers come in 4 bright food-inspired colors (blueberry, raspberry, carrot, and pea)  and 5 versatile sizes (listed below).  If bright colors don’t normally appeal to you, you may find that you don’t mind them so much when you realize how easy they are to spot on a dark shelf in your kitchen cabinet or tucked behind other food and containers in your refrigerator. Before I forget, all of the products listed below are  also dishwasher and microwave safe!  You had me at dishwasher safe, Wean Green, you really did.

In case you aren’t already sold on the concept, here’s the detailed info you still may be seeking regarding sizes, prices, and uses. Please note everything in quotes was taken directly from the Wean Green website. Prices exclude sales tax and shipping costs and are current as of 11/28/2012.

1. Lunch Cubes– 490 ML (16.5 0Z) The largest of the product line and well worth the shelf real estate. I have two of these but wouldn’t complain if someone wanted to give me another 2 or…I don’t know…10 more! Hint, hint…  I use these EVERY day for dinner leftovers or to pack my hubby’s lunch for him to take to work. No need to worry if they tip over since they close tightly with the 4 push down and lock into place seals.
Price – $17.99/pack of 2

Lunch Cube in Blueberry

2. Wean Tubs – 150 ml (5.1 0z) “Families can now rid their homes of plastic bags! These containers are perfect for storing those strange shaped snacks like carrot sticks and pretzels! Also step #2 for baby food storage.” Couldn’t agree more with the product description for these. They are also terrific for storing tiny craft supplies like buttons, pom poms, googly eyes, etc.  These are perfect for picture hanging hardware, screws, nails, push pins, and LOTS more. The possibilities are nearly endless!
Price – $10.99/pack of 2

Wean Tub in Pea

3. Snack Cubes – 210 ml (7 0z) “This is the perfect snack size tempered glass food container! Whether it be a granola & yogurt combo, cheerios or even a baby food puree it is the perfect size for every snacker in the house!” They pretty much hit the nail on the head for this size too. I’d like to add that these would work well for storing hair accessories like barrettes, felt flower clips, etc.  If you’re dieting/working on portion control they work well for snack “bowls” to dump your favorite munchies into.
Price – $10.99/pack of 2

Snack Cube in Raspberry

4. Wean Bowls – 165 ml (5.6 oz) “Not only are these tempered glass bowls perfect for the second steps of baby food making they are also the perfect size for fruit salads and fruit cups for lunches!”. Yep, pretty much! These would also be great if you want just a small serving of trail mix, yogurt, granola, etc. I would use them to pack snacks to take for visits with out-of-town family and friends since you don’t have to worry about the lids coming loose and the contents spilling all over your favorite purse, diaper bag, cooler, or other snack transportation device during an often long and sometimes bumpy ride.  Now, if they could only find a way to safely convert them into portable toddler toys they might be onto something… Wouldn’t that be nice, fellow parents?!
Price – $10.99/pack of 2

Wean Bowls in Carrot

5. Wean Cubes – 120 ml (4 oz) “Wean Green by Glasslock presents the newly designed and improved Wean Cubes! Tempered Glass Food Containers. Each lid has passed the ‘use’ testing machine over 3 million times!”. Not really much I can add to that. That number certainly speaks for itself!
Price – $21.99/pack of 4

Wean Cube in Carrot

Where to Buy:
Wean Green products can be purchased directly from their website or from a wide variety of other retailers.

Pick up a pack of these wonderful containers for yourself , as a gift for a friend/family member, or both!  I have a feeling that Santa might be putting these in lots of stockings this year. 🙂

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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