This motherhood stuff is no joke!!

Ah…nap time.  Time for this stay at home mama to get to work while the almost 3 year old princess gets some rest.

This has been a particularly rough week with Nadia recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis.  She usually is pretty tough and doesn’t act sick but wow does she ever make up for it in ATTITUDE!!  If she isn’t whining non stop about wanting a drink, a snack, her eyes itching (eyes itch mama, allergies), having to stay with me in busy places (oh the horror!), or whatever other random thing she wants/needs, then she is clinging to me like crazy.

Before you think I’m just whining about “kids being kids”,  I must inform you that a routine trip to the restroom results in a very angry little girl knocking, clawing, and crying because I’m not visible or entertaining her.   Can’t a mama get a few minutes to herself to just think and breathe?!

The latest “trick” she’s taken to is refusing to hold my hand when we are walking back across the parking lot to the car after running an errand.  I have tried to convince her to go peacefully by telling her what fun thing we’re going to do when we get home, giving her the option for me to carry her (she NEVER takes that one), and even singing or using some other form of distraction.  Nope, not gonna cooperate for ANY of those!  Instead she’d rather cry and scream like I am beating her while I hold her hand as tightly as possible and hope she doesn’t manage to wrench herself loose and go darting across the lanes in front of an oncoming car.  I am to the point now where I’m considering either getting one of those backpack leash things or forcing her to ride in the cart or her tricycle strapped in.  She hasn’t sat still in the trike or stroller while being buckled in for at least a year now (maybe longer) so the backpack leash is really the only option outside of not taking her with me for errands.  Ugh!

Most days are really not so bad as long as we keep busy.  I try to do a daily art project/craft, let her pick a movie to watch, read her books, and get out for a ride or a trip to a local park, kids fun center, etc. so she’s not bored and trapped inside all day with nothing to do.   When she’s in a good mood she can really be the sweetest little girl.  She will often say “Mama, I love you SOOO much” and it will darn near melt my heart.  It’s just that she has the need to test my patience and boundaries every second of the day.

I’ve learned that if I waiver even one time she will grab at that and use it to her advantage EVERY SINGLE TIME.  She is too smart for her own good sometimes.

I will just keep being consistent in what I say and do and hope that some day she’ll realize I really did have her best interests in mind and wasn’t the horrible mean mommy she thought I was trying to be.

Until next time….


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