Christmas Lights: The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious!

With Christmas being so close we’ve done a lot of night drives to see all of the neighborhood light displays.  It’s relaxing for us and Nadia enjoys it so we figure why not take advantage of the cheap entertainment. 🙂

We’ve seen a lot of really nice displays with a variety of inflatable moving Santas, snowmen, reindeer, etc. along with your general white and multicolored lights wrapped around banisters, windows, and across roofs all over the city.  This weekend we even got to see a light show that a homeowner paid to have programmed to various holiday songs with a local transmitter you could tune into to listen in your car.  Nadia had such a great time bopping to the music and watching the lights dance along in time with the beat.

Another family favorite this year is the Reynolds light display which features several characters from The Grinch, Noah’s Ark, the manger scene, airplanes, ice skaters, circus clowns and tightrope walkers, elephants, farm animals, tractors, a moving train with gifts, Santa with his sleigh and reindeer, and LOTS more.  We’ve driven through it at least 4-5 times and notice new little details each time.  Such a cool thing for the small cost of an optional charitable donation.

The Indianapolis Zoo has also provided some very inexpensive fun this year.  Since we have a family membership we’re able to park for free and get into the zoo and any of their special events for no added cost.  They have all kinds of custom lights shaped like various zoo animals along with Santa’s cottage, lit trees synchronized to Mannheim Steamroller music, and a live reindeer in what is normally an indoor butterfly garden.

So while yes we have a lot of very beautiful lights displays around the Indy area I must say there are at least as many horrible ones especially in residential areas.  It seems that every neighborhood you drive through has multiple homes with trees that have lights haphazardly thrown across only the bottom 1/3 to 1/2.  It looks insanely sloppy and just plain horrible.  While I appreciate the effort (albeit VERY little effort) put into attempting decorate I really don’t get the point of putting lights in your trees if you aren’t going to bother to put them all the way up the tree.

Another hilarious phenomenon I’ve witnessed is inflatable decorations that have fallen on their faces resulting in “dead” Santas, snowmen, reindeer, and other holiday characters.  These poor things never knew what was coming when the cold winter wind knocked them flat!

There’s also the comedy of the partially inflated characters that look like they’ve broken their backs, necks, or extremities due to lack of air.  We saw one snowman tonight that was bent over at the waist with its face in a very private part of the neighboring inflatable Santa’s body.  If we didn’t have another car following us I would have had to attempt to get a photo with my iPhone.  It was just one of those scenes you can’t resist getting a 2nd look at if not a photo!

Since Nadia is finally old enough to notice and appreciate the lights, we’re planning on picking a few up after Christmas to decorate next year.  I’m thinking a few tasteful reindeer with some white lights may be in order but we may just have to go a bit on the tacky side to commemorate what a fun time we had driving around this year looking at everyone’s decorations.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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