Inexpensive storage idea

Ever since Nadia has been able to eat baby food we have bought her quite a few of the Gerber foods that come in the little plastic containers with lids.  I decided to save a couple since I figured they might come in handy to put Cheerios or other small snacks in.  As my mother-in-law pointed out, they’d also work well for storing brads and other small craft embellishments.

Last night on our drive home from some shopping I suddenly thought of yet another use.  They are the PERFECT size to store all types of hair accessories from barrettes to ponytail holders.  I was able to get close to 50 ponytail holders in one container and 12 or so barrettes with room for tons more in another one.

Previously I was storing them along with her brush, comb, nail clippers, etc. in a plastic Ziploc bag.  You’d have to dig and dig to finally get to what you wanted.  Such a pain!  These are SO much better since they are sturdier and smaller which makes it easy and quick to pick the exact one you’d like.  If you want to take the organization further you could even label the lids with a Sharpie or some home made paper labels.

I’m sure I’ll think of other uses for these great little containers as I use them!


One thought on “Inexpensive storage idea

  1. I’ve saved some of Nadia’s tubs too. They hold the things I cut out with my Cricut so I am ready to make a card when the need arises

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