The Bib Debate

So this may seem like a weird topic to write about for my first blog but as a mother of a nearly 10 month old daughter it’s been on my mind lately.

Why is it so hard to find a bib that fits properly, absorbs spills (without soaking clothes underneath), and manages to protect your baby’s clothes?

Before Nadia was born we received so many adorable bibs with elephants, flowers, funny phrases, etc. that I couldn’t wait to pair them with  all of her itty bitty outfits.  However, I soon found that these were merely fashion accessories and not the functional spill barriers I expected them to be.  If they didn’t soak through to her shirts the formula would run down and get on her regardless.  Even though they weren’t the most effective way of keeping her clothes clean we continued to use them until we were able to come up with a better solution.

For a good month or so (around when Nadia turned 2 months) I decided to see how a burp cloth tucked under her chin would work.  Not bad the first few times  but as soon as she started getting better hand control those cloths would be whipped off of her chest in about 2 seconds flat.  She sure learned how to grip those in a hurry!  Once again we had to find something else.

The latest bibs we’ve been using are simple solid color cotton polyester blend ones from Koala Baby that we bought at Babies R Us.  For the most part they work pretty well except for when Nadia decides she’s going to rip them off mid bottle feeding.  Not sure if the velcro is irritating her neck or she just finds it amusing to pull them off and gnaw on them.  Either way it’s made less messy feeding nearly impossible.  Although I must say it’s pretty cute when she gets a huge grin on her face when you call her out for taking it off. 🙂  Gotta love it!

I thought about picking up some of the snap closure ones but I always find those difficult to fasten when she’s REALLY hungry.  The delay nearly always results in prolonged screaming and crying which doesn’t make for a pleasant experience for mommy OR baby!

A pullover style might work but it seems nearly impossible to find any that are both fashionable and a reasonable price.  I saw some on Amazon and a few designer baby/kids clothing sites but they are $15+/bib which to me is kind of ridiculous considering you can purchase an entire outfit at Target for under $10.  It’s just a glorified washcloth, right?!!  Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find some of these with cute patterns for a reasonable price?  Is there another type of absorbent cloth bib out there that provides good coverage that can’t be easily pulled off?

On a positive note we’ve been using some Tommee Tippee Explora® Easi-Roll bibs for feeding jar foods that have been wonderful!  They’re a rubber like material that wipes down easily and they fasten with a peg system similar to the size adjusters on the back of baseball caps.  You can even roll them up so they’ll easily fit in a diaper or cooler bag.  Love them!


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